Android Gaming Weekly 05/04/14: Dethroned! Early Access, Tony Hawk Shred Session, Metal Slug Defense

May 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Dethroned! Gets Early Access On AndroidScreenshot (685)

If you love RTS style games then you’ll want to check out Dethroned! Early Access. It’s a game that has been greenlit on Steam and the devs have brought the game over to the Play Store. In Dethroned! you’ll take on the role of a hero and gather together your best men, and like any good RTS you’ll have to set up defenses to keep the baddies at bay. There are multiplayer battles so you can contend with other players, and the single player mode promises to be some pretty decent fun. There more than likely going to be some bugs but as an early access game, Dethroned! is in a very early beta format, so if you find a bug or two make sure to report it to the devs, don’t just complain about it and how much the game sucks because it doesn’t work. For right now the game is free and downloadable now, and it seems that it will remain free once the full version hits the market.


Tony Hawk’s Shred Session Kickflips Into ViewTony-Hawk

Remember the early days of Playstation and Playstation 2? Countless hours spent on Ton Hawk’s Pro Skater games with various tricks, side quests and tons of points and open world skating. That’s not how gameplay will be in Tony Hawk’s Shred Session. The game has more of an on the rails linear design where you basically skate around and string together combos to continue skating,(at least in survival mode)so you won’t be able to skate where ever you want. The other included mode is called shred sessions, which is still in a linear style of play but instead of doing continuing strings of tricks you’ll be more focused on completing tasks and objectives like in the Tony Hawk games from the past. The good news is that the game actually looks kind of fun and it will be free to play once it drops, with multiple skaters, customizable clothing and boards etc. Shred Session is scheduled for a global release during the summer, so the game still has a bit before we see it release. You can watch the demo video that shows off Tony Hawk playing it himself in this visit with the folks from Touch Arcade.


Metal Slug Defense Lands On Google PlayScreenshot (687)

Tower defense games  are plentiful on the Play Store, but Metal Slug Defense isn’t just your typical tower defense game. It brings back all the memorable fun of the original Metal Slug games with the tower defense spin on it which makes it pretty hard to put down, hence the reason it made our game of the week. The game is free which makes it even better. The game is pretty simple, you’ll have to withstand the onslaught of guys trying to bombard your base and all the while trying to push forward and destroy their tower. You can level up your troops so there stronger during later levels, and you can even rescue POWs and charge up your metal slug tank meter to send it out to do some damage. If you enjoyed the Metal Slug games, you definitely should give this game a try. Pick it up from the Play Store for free.