Android Game Of The Week: Unearthed: The Trail Of Ibn Battuta

If you liked the idea of Uncharted on the Playstation console then you should give Unearthed a look as it follows the same type of gameplay. The game is an action adventure title with a third person view, and has multiple similar elements like gunplay and action combat, and a fairly decent storyline of a "Fortune Hunter" who travels through the middle east in search for a famous Muslim explorer, Ibn Battuta. Sure it might be a little bit of an Uncharted ripoff, but the game is actually pretty well done and has more than just eye candy going for it. The game is fun, and it's engaging as the story with real voice acting will keep you immersed in the game for longer than five or ten minutes.

It should go without saying, but Unearthed plays great on the Nvidia Shield as the developers say, and it has MOGA and gamepad support, and it works great with the Phonejoy controller so I'm assuming it will work with any Bluetooth gamepad. The game overall is a nice mix of melee and weapon based combat, with stealth like attributes and a little bit of platforming type gameplay as well. It's also episodic, playing out as the developers refer to it, like a TV series, with previous episode recaps(which I'm assuming refers to any of the episodic parts of the game from when it was on PS3)as well as "teasers" of future episodes that I would think are on their way to Android down the line, although there is no mention of it.

Unearthed has an unlockable survival mode where you can fight off multiple waves of enemies, so once you're done with the main story you can keep the gameplay going. It has tons of other unlockables as well like concept art, renders, Animatics, cut scenes treasures and more. One of the cooler features is that the game is available in 21 different languages, so just about anyone can play in their native launguage. Although the voice acting only supports English and Arabic. Overall it's well worth the $2 and has plenty to offer anyone who is looking for a great action game with a deep narrative. It does take up quite a bit of space though at 1.7GB so make sure you have enough free storage before you attempt to install it, and it's a resource heavy game so you'll want to play it on a device with at least a dual core processor and minimum 1GB of RAM. I'm using my Nexus 4 so I have quad-core and 2GB of RAM and it plays great, just as a reference. You can pick up the game here at this link, enjoy!

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