Android Game Of The Week: Soul Guardians: Age Of Midgard


There are plenty of Action-RPGs on Android, and many of them are actually quite good, like most of the titles in the Zenonia series from Gamevil. Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard takes the action rpg genre and puts a little bit of a different spin on it by mixing it up with card collecting elements. This is a side scrolling rpg title and plays very different from what you might have seen in any of the Zenonia titles or anything from the Inotia series. It lacks the top down angle that those titles have which isn't a huge thing as this just gives the game a different perspective. Mostly though it feels like the actual story elements are a little bit different. Technically the games developers actually consider this an MMO-ARPG(or massively multiplayer online action role playing game), which actually gives the game some great multiplayer and pvp aspects to the gameplay, which also gives it a little more replay value. The one downside is that you have to have a data connection to play.

The story in Soul Guardians is that your tasked with stopping the demon uprising. In order to do this you'll have to master your skills and unleash your devastating barrage of soul attacks to beat them. There's hundreds of quests to play through and you can choose to play through the games single player campaign or to challenge yourself in the PvP mode. During your questing adventures you'll come across what are called the soul art cards which you begin collecting almost immediately.(I got one after my first boss battle)These soul art cards are used to infuse into your character and help them evolve their attacks so that you can complete even more insane devastating attacks and combos. The graphics are kind of like the HD graphics you'd see from Zenonia 3 onward and have a similar anime style feel to it.

There are multiple soul guardians to choose from although at the very beginning you're only given the choice to select from two different types. You can either start the game off as a slasher or a ranger, with the slasher wielding a sword for awesome slashing attacks, and the ranger obviously using a bow and arrow as her main weapon. Other soul guardians become available throughout the game though and you eventually get the choice to play as a samurai, monk, sorceress, magician, spirit hunter, and more. The game is free and is actually a lot of fun if you enjoy action rpg games. You can check out my screenshots below and pick up the game from the play store link here.

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