Android Game Of The Week: JoyJoy

Dual Stick shooters have always been a favorite among gamers. They usually provide some intense action and with the availability of so many new Android compatible game pads now a days they can be much more fun, so long as the particular dual stick shooter you want to play supports the use of them. This is where Radiangames new title JoyJoy comes in, as it is a dual stick shooter and it supports both touch based gameplay or the use of a Bluetooth game pad if you prefer. I think i see an attempt to use my Phonejoy to play JoyJoy in the near future. If it doesn't support that game pad as I have experienced with other recently released titles, expect a new hashtag to start making the rounds as #Phonejoy4JoyJoy.

JoyJoy is just one of those games that you can' help but love. Like virtually every other title from Radiangames, JoyJoy is just downright fun and for many of you the best part will be the complete absence(or so it seems)of any IAP within the game. Just a simple $1.99 purchase from the play store and you could be knee deep in action that would remind any gamer of the lovingly developed high intensity of Geometry Wars. The game boasts 24 unique waves and 6 intense challenges, so there should be plenty to keep you busy. Wow, such wave, very high score. JoyJoy also has 5 different difficulty levels, so in case you think you've mastered all the action that JoyJoy has to offer, try stepping it up a notch and giving things another go on a harder mode. Once you have finally completed all the standard difficulty levels, you can continue the fun with both of the bonus difficulties called Lightning, and Armored, adding even more intensity to the mix.

If you like the social aspect of gaming, you might be saddened by the lack of Google Play Games services, but Achievements and Leaderboards are still available in the game. As stated above the game will set you back $1.99 as a one time purchase from the Play Store, and from that point on you can experience sheer JOY and be free of IAP.

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