Amazon Gives Out Free App Store Credit Of $5 To Android Users

May 11, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Today Amazon was giving users free credits to use within the Amazon App Store on their Android devices. Perhaps it was part of a Mother’s Day special or maybe it was just an attempt to grab more users, either way we can see that people were eager to get their hands on some of the free money that Amazon was essentially throwing their way. Amazon is already a fairly popular app store just for the fact that they do a free app of the day every single day, which is one of the main reasons I keep it around and check it myself. Today’s deal was for a free $5 credit to use within the app store making it possible to pick up all kinds of apps that actually cost money without having to spend a dime. The credit is of course only for $5, so while you can use it any digital goods(apps and games) within the store, you will only be able to pick up just a few things that cost a buck or two each, or you just can buy one thing that costs $5.

This exclusive offer is only available to Android users since the Amazon app store is only available on Android and on Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire devices, the unfortunate thing is that it seems the free $5 app store credits are sold out. Upon going back to the webpage to pick one up for myself there looks to be no more of the coupons available for download. There isn’t any mention that there will be any more of these coupons being made available later on today or in the near future, but our guess is that since they’re sold out as of now they probably won’t be getting more in. Not as part of this particular exclusive offer at least.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these $5 coupons then the credits were directly applied right into your Amazon app store account according to the explanation on the webpage for the offer. The coupons were of course limited to one per customer, as if it would be any other way, and could be applied towards the purchase of any eligible apps, or games. We’d assume that eligible really just means anything although it isn’t specified if anything is left out. The coupon expires on June 30th at 11:59 pm so if you got one of these make sure to use it soon.