AllCast Now Supports Twitch.tv

AllCast AH 1

AllCast, one of our favorite apps for sending content to Chromecast and other devices, now supports Twitch.tv, which is supposedly being bought by YouTube for a billion bucks. So now users of AllCast will be able to watch live streams of different games and such, which is what Twitch.tv is all about. This does require the Twitch.tv app being installed on your Android device to work, which is basically common sense, at least in my opinion. Once you have the app installed, a new entry will appear on your AllCast app, for Twitch. Right now, Koush states that only live streaming with the AllCast app. Right now watching past broadcasts is a no-go with Twitch.tv, but I’m sure that will be on it’s way pretty soon.

It’s great to see more content making it’s way to Chromecast, even if it is a kind of weird setup. It would be even better to see Twitch.tv getting Chromecast support in the app. Instead of needing to get AllCast to use this. However, there is a limitation with AllCast. The free version has ads, and has a limit of 10 minutes of playback. If you want unlimited playback, the premium version of AllCast is available for $4.99. You can grab AllCast from the Play Store (AllCast Free, AllCast Premium). It’s a great app to have, especially if you have more than just the Chromecast, as it works with the Fire TV, Roku, Xbox 360 and a few other devices out there.

Twitch is pretty popular among gamers, as you can watch games live. Although when the rumors started that YouTube was looking to buy Twitch, a lot of people were pretty upset, but as of now it’s still a rumor, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens here. How many of you use Twitch to watch live streams all the time?