AH Speed Test: Sensorly Wants To Help Find Out Who Really Has The Fastest Mobile Network

For years all four of the major U.S. carriers have been toting that they have the fastest network. That hasn't changed now and it isn't going to change any time soon. It's part of the friendly competition and while some of the claims aren't as bold as in previous years, they're still aimed at convincing customers that they should choose one carrier over another. There are a number of ways for one to test out how fast the network actually is, but when you get right down to it really only determines how fast the network is for you on a personal level. Using things like the Speedtest.net application can help you find out how fast one network's speeds are in your area, but what about finding out who has the fastest network on a wider scale like say... across the entire U.S.?

Androidheadlines.com along with a handful of other websites like Tmo News, PC Mag and Phone dog are getting together with a team called Sensorly that have an app available for download by the same name. The app and the team along with all their partners have one goal in mind. To really find out for sure who has the fastest network. This seems like something that could take some time and surely it won't be finished within a week, but the dedicated team at Sensorly isn't going to stop until they complete the mission at hand. They'll be traveling by car around the U.S. to find out what network speeds are like in some of the most major cities, with places like Portland, OR and of course New York City being on the list. The best part is that normal every day users can help contribute to the outcome of these tests by downloading and using the app as well.

It'll be one thing for the team at Sensorly to grab their own results, but they know that isn't everything and that an individual use basis is needed to help establish a more honest result. Usage varies from person to person and area to area, so they'll be compiling their data together with anyone that chooses to participate in this test and find out who has the fastest network. Users on all carriers are encouraged to take part so they can get as much information as possible. The apps are also available for both Android and iOS, so you'll find links to the Play Store and the App Store here. Think your carrier has the fastest network? Help prove it with Sensorly. Once you have your app downloaded, make sure to post your results here and on our Google+ post with your carrier, device, location and data speeds.

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