Acer Reveals More Details on the Acer Liquid Leap and Liquid Jade

Liquid Leap and Jade

More details on the upcoming Acer Liquid Leap and Liquid Jade has been revealed by Acer ahead of the Computex 2014. The Acer Liquid Leap is to come in 5 colors such as Moonstone White, Mineral Black, Aquamarine, Fragrant Pink, and Vivid Orange. As covered by Tom, the screen is a 1-inch screen and the Liquid Leap has a waterproof rating of IPX7. Some other confirmed features would be the usual notifications for calls and SMS, weather/time display and music playback. The Liquid Leap will be utilising Bluetooth 4.0 and is rated to last for 5-7 days on a single charge.

The second announcement is that of the Acer Liquid Jade, Acer’s flagship smartphone device. The specs detailed seem to point at Acer taking a shot at the low range segment of the market, thanks to the Liquid Jade’s 1GB of RAM, 2100mAh battery and 1.3GHz quad core Mediatek MT6582 processor. Other specs such as the dual SIM support, 3G data, 5-inch 720p screen, 13MP back camera with full HD video recording & 2MP front camera, 8GB internal and microSD support up to 32GB further supports this idea as these specifications closely resembles that of Xiaomi Redmi. Pricing is the only thing which has yet to be announced for both devices. This could be a factor in enabling Acer to compete with Xiaomi evenly as both devices possess very similar specifications. The availability of the Liquid Jade in various markets could also play a vital role in snatching the title of the best value for money smartphone from Redmi.

At this point of time, it remains to be seen as to whether the Acer devices are intuitive and responsive. We will probably have to wait for Computex 2014 to get a better feel for both devices. It is however a good sign in giving us more choices and puts pressure on the major brands to innovate rather than clone. The onslaught of wearables seems to indicate that whether you like them or not, they are here to stay. Perhaps in a generation or two later, wearables will be more viable in terms of functionality and design.