Xiaomi Mi3 to be Available in Gold Color; Red Xiaomi TV On Its Way, Too


Color is back baby, or at least it is when talking about smartphones and such. In the last two years or so, smartphones have gotten colorful again, with the likes of Motorola offering you a sort of paint mixer to choose your exact color, and folks like HTC offering some great-looking colors of their devices. Not to be left out on the whole color thing is Xiaomi, the fast-growing smartphone giant from China. Everyone likes a little color in their lives and it looks like Xiaomi is going to offer yet another gold smartphone, with a version of its popular Mi3 smartphone, as well as giving their TV offering a coat of paint in a subdued red color.

We bet you didn't even know that Xiaomi sold a TV, right? Well, they do and it's one hell of a set. Powered by the likes of LG and Samsung, the MiTV features a Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM and already comes in a variety of colors (like the fetching pink above). Unfortunately for a lot of us though, importing a TV is a lot more difficult than a smartphone. Nevertheless though, the MiTV is a great product and a popular one in China no doubt. While there are rumors a second-generation of the TV is on its way, we're not so sure about that, and the image shared by Xiaomi themselves shows off a similar design, but in a different color.


Shown off in the photo below is also a gold version of the company's Mi3 smartphone, a device that was launched last year to much fanfare in mainland China. If you're unfamiliar with the Mi3 – we won't judge – it's their flagship device running MIUI and it's a pretty well-speced machine. Featuring a 5-inch 1080p panel from LG or Sharp and variants with either an Nvidia Tegra 4 or Snapdragion 800 with 2GB of RAM. According to a sneaky new share from Xiaomi, the Mi3 is going to be available in a new gold color, which would make offerings from Apple, HTC and Samsung whom all offer a glitzy version of their latest smartphones.


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