Will.i.am Shows Off New Smartwatch, Sounds Like a Standalone Device

It isn't a new thing to see celebrities venture off the beaten path and into other markets. It seems as though Will.i.am is prepping for battle. His new smart watch is taking aim at Samsung, Motorola and other OEMs making smartwatches.

You may be asking why Will.i.am? He isn't exactly on a world tour right now. Some may even already be Googling "What happened to Will.i.am?" Well he's still going, and though he may not be on tour; he's still a self titled tasteful tech mogul. Seeing as how Will.i.am also has a history in male fashion, it's only right that he takes on the aspect of tech that coincides with fashion. Will.i.am appeared on a show in Britain called the Alan Carr show. While on stage, Will.i.am made a gesture to something on his wrist saying, "I don't carry my phone anymore," and then he goes on to give a little taste of the device. This simple statement tells us that either Will.i.am is a total diva who has other people carry things for him, or the new smartwatch operates as a standalone device. There is no word on a release date, specs, or designs. All we know is Will.i.am has one, and is promoting it around the world.

While doing so, he has mentioned that the device will require bluetooth headphones. This means there is more than likely no speaker on the watch, or at least not one to write home about. We also know that the device is supposed to make calls. However each time Will.i.am displays the device can't go perfectly. The time he chose to display the calls aspect was while on "The Voice" when Will.i.am tries to call Cheryl Cole. The Telegraph is reporting that the call was dropped.

Still people are becoming intrigued by this device that Will.i.am is sporting. We all remember the Miley Cyrus/Samsung thing right? The question is, how many tweens were reached by using her to promote a product? Unknown at the moment. Will.i.am may not have the best history with tech projects. For the most part, his never seem to make it very far. However, this device looks nice, and could prove to be a very impressive smart watch. Let's ask the obvious questions, do celebrities directly affect your decision on buying a product or at least research it? Are we ready for a stand alone smart watch this early in the wearable game? Speak up down below, or on our G+ page.

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