Verizon Puts Galaxy S5 Up for Pre-Order; Offers Free Device in the Process


It feels like a long time ago that Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 onto the world, but in reality it was only February, during Mobile World Congress, that we saw Samsung announce their latest and greatest. With the release date still a week or so away most users have already placed their pre-orders on their chosen networks throughout the globe, but as usual, Verizon is a little late to the party. The company now has Samsung's Galaxy S5 up for pre-order, but they're giving folks a little something back.

If you pre-order the Galaxy S5 on Verizon (with a 2-year agreement, naturally) then you're eligible for another device, completely free. That means you can either get you and your partner a Galaxy S5, or buy a Galaxy S5 and get an HTC One (M8) for free, giving you the best of both worlds. Still, you'll need to set up a two-year contract on this free device as well, so it's not the best deal out there, but what did you expect from Verizon?


Love them or hate them, Verizon is the biggest network in the US, so having their Galaxy S5 on the network is a pretty important step for the global launch of Samsung's latest and greatest flagship. Of course, now that pretty much every major carrier in the US has put up the device for pre-order, the choice is both easier and more difficult. One things's for certain however, is that the Galaxy S5 costs much the same no matter where you go, so as usual this sort of thing comes down to how good a carrier's service is in your area and how affordable to you their services are. If the best carrier for you where you are is Verizon, then here's your chance to get a little something back, you can even choose a free Windows Phone if that's your thing.

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