Verizon Improves 'More Everything' Plan to Match ATT's 'Best Ever Prices' Plan

Everyone is always on the hunt for a good deal, and US carriers have been more active than ever trying to give the best deals. At the very least, they want to seem like their deal is better than the competitions. The latest in carrier battles has Verizon responding to AT&T with improvements to their "More Everything" deal. You may be thinking that Verizon's "More Everything" deal is still somewhat new, only being released in the last few months, but things change fast in the industry. The need to stay relevant and competitive is more important than ever. So, we have Verizon offering the "More Everything" deal, then AT&T launched "Best Ever Prices". With AT&T's deal, we get 10GB and a monthly charge of $160 for a family of four. It is only natural that Verizon responds in kind with updates to their own "More Everything" deal.

What seems like a direct response to AT&T, Verizon has upped the discount per line to $25. This means that per line you will only be paying $15, down from a $20 discount per line per month. However, every deal has a bit of fine print, and in the case of Verizon's "More Everything" deal, the fine print requires that you sign up for Verizon's Edge program to get the discounts. Once you compare the two plans side by side, you see a very similar outcome. We already know that AT&T's plan requires a family of four, with 10GB of data pays only $160 per month. With Verizon's improved "More Everything" deal, we take a family of four at $15 per line, we add the 10GB of data, which costs $100 per month and you get, $160 per month. Which means it's not really that competitive, but at least they can say that AT&T is not cheaper than them.

You may be asking about the edge program, and that is a fair question since that would add charges to your bill. However, AT&T requires the same, that you sign up for their Next program. All in all, they come out to very similar charges per month per carrier. The only question is which carrier do you prefer? So let us know, do these plans actually make a difference to you, or are you more concerned with coverage and device availability? Speak up down there, or on our G+ page.

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