Verizon Galaxy S5 Experiencing Camera Force Close Issues

Samsung's latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5 is all the rage and there's plenty of people enjoying what might be considered a magnificence in the smartphone world. It has a few new features added in that are arguably some of the more useful ones for health nuts like the heart rate monitor, and the 16MP camera and power saving mode are definitely some things that also make the device shine a little bit. Some Verizon Wireless customers who have picked up the device though don't seem to share the same feelings as those who are openly excited about the device and the camera, at least not now. According to some individuals who have been using the phone on Verizon since launch, a problem with the camera has popped up that is causing the camera to force close upon opening or attempting to use it, only to leave the user with an error message and a sour taste in their mouth. Prior to this problem surfacing, users were reportedly happy with the device.

Those who have been experiencing the issue have taken to the internet and started voicing their concerns on forums, seeking out others who might have been having the same problem in hopes to find a solution or a fix. The bad news, is that at this point it doesn't seem like there is one. If you have gotten this problem on your Galaxy S5 you're likely going to have to get a replacement, which is exactly what some of the individuals who first expressed the problem have done. Some users who bought the phone through Best Buy reportedly sought out the expertise of the Samsung Experience reps in stores, who attempted a fix but to their dismay the problem persisted. The end result was Best Buy replacing the device entirely. Some users who purchased the phone through Verizon have reported similar experiences in their local retail store, ending up with replacements from VZW because of the issue. The crappy thing is that apparently not even a master reset can fix the camera malfunction and keep the camera error from popping up again, as some users have already tried.

The good news here is that users who are having the problem are getting replacements for the time being, but we wonder what will happen when the date passes for those return policies. Will they end up with in store or new replacements or be forced to have the warranty device shipped out? Hopefully Samsung comes up with a solution soon that can fix the problem for users. The other good news it seems, is that the issue looks to be potentially limited to Galaxy S5 devices on Verizon only, as no users with various other models have reported any issues just yet. If you're experiencing this problem now we recommend just cutting your losses and going to where ever you bought it and getting it replaced before it's too late.

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