Verizon Disables PayPal Fingerprint Authentication on the Galaxy S5, XDA Provides Workaround

Oh, Verizon. Being you, locking users out of features that they should have access to. This time you've disabled the fingerprint authentication built into the PayPal app on your variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The fingerprint authentication in the PayPal works on other variants of the Galaxy S5. Verizon, why do you have to treat us this way?

If you're a Galaxy S5 owner on Verizon, developers have once again saved the day. Like most of these restrictions that carriers impose, this one has been fixed. XDA user jpmcnown has posted step-by-step instructions for you over on XDA Forums. You'll have to access a hidden Samsung App Store and search for the PayPal app. Once you install the PayPal app through the searchable Samsung App Store, you also need to install the NNL from the Samsung App Store. Then open the PayPal app and register your fingerprint. Here are the instructions from the XDA Forums thread:

To clarify the steps that I used to install Paypal, and link fingerprinter verification to it,
1> To get an actual searchable Samsung App Store, download the "Samsung Apps Mobile" from the phone via or HERE (This BS is what was holding me up)
2> Install the PayPal app via the Samsung App Store (first uninstall the Paypal app if previously installed via Google Play Store)
3> Search and install NNL from the Samsung App Store
4> Open Paypal>Settings>Login Options>Register Fingerprint.

jpmcnown even posted links to the APK files that you'll need to complete the work around, so you don't even need to go through the trouble of searching for them yourself if you don't want to. It may not be a bad idea to install the searchable Samsung App Store on your S5 just in case, but that's up to you.

Verizon isn't totally evil, but we have to question the motives behind disabling this type of functionality. They will likely claim some kind of secure concerns. That would mean that Google, Samsung, PayPal, and all of the other carriers that stock the S5 failed to secure the fingerprint recognition feature properly. Verizon surely doesn't have to swoop in and save them so we're not sure what the reasoning could be. Thankfully there is a way around Big Red's restrictions.

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