More User Agent Info Hints at G3 Featuring "Concierge" Features; Possible Fingerprint Sensor



Information surrounding the upcoming G3 from LG just keeps on coming and once again, it looks like LG and their partners haven't been anywhere near as careful with info as their rival, Samsung was in the run up to the launch of the Galaxy S5. Still, it does help those patiently waiting for the G3 to hit shelves with information about what the device might well be packing underneath the hood. So far, we've heard that the device is going to be sporting a 2560 x 1440 display, possibly a Snapdragon 805 and Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box. A lot of these spec bumps we've been expecting for a long while now, but this latest find details the apps and services inside of a Sprint G3, which could hint at hardware as well.


Thanks to yet another leaked User Agent Profile for a Sprint G3 (with a model number of LG-LS990) a list of pre-installed apps has leaked out and include some interesting inclusions. Of course, there are the usual LG apps including QMemo+, QVoice+, LG Account, Enterprise Suite and more. The LG apps aren't too interesting as of right now, but what is are the following apps: PayPal, Tangible Reality IO and McAffee Mobile Security. These small group of apps could be a hint that the G3 is going to feature a fingerprint sensor, after all PayPal did make a big deal about being able to pay with your fingerprint on the Galaxy S5, and we sincerely doubt that PayPal has any real devotion to just Samsung. They want to be everywhere on mobile, and coming preloaded could be a sign that there's going to be a fingerprint sensor inside.

Something else that's caught our eye is the "Concierge-Board" app that's listed as being preloaded. We're not quite sure what this could be, but we're thinking something to do with extra personalization of your device or maybe some sort of assistant app, but that's traditionally what QVoice has been for. There's a good chance that the G3 won't feature a fingerprint sensor at all, but having one of the biggest mobile payments name – that happens to like fingerprints – preloaded could be a big clue.

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