Unsurprisingly, Samsung's Galaxy S5 Loses in a Fight With Sniper Rifle

Samsung has made its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5 a little more rugged and packed a lot of features into the device like water resistance, dust resistance, and just an overall better design, but does the Galaxy S5 have what it takes to survive a bullet? Rick Ryan over at RatedRR on YouTube is known for being the "tech assassin" for his videos of torturing phones and other technology. He takes the newest phones and drop tests them, dunks them in water, and then finally shoots them with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. This is the ultimate test for durability of a device. The phone has little chance of surviving these tests. If your device can survive the first two tests then you should be totally fine.

As expected the drop test was a pass as the phone didn't shatter, the Galaxy S5 has done extremely well with drops so far. Weirdly enough the S5 doesn't pass the water test despite the water resistance. And as you all expected the Galaxy S5 had no chance against the .50 caliber bullet. It was blown to shreds with most of the phone in too many pieces to even pick up.

Even though you can't shoot a bullet at the phone, and have it still work the Galaxy S5 is still of course one of the most durable flagship devices on the market today. The Galaxy S5 is arguably made cheaply, but the plastic build helps it survive better than other devices because the S5 has more give so it can take more force on it before it shatters the device. You are obviously not going to use your new smartphone as a target, but with normal use the Galaxy S5 will have no problem surviving the little drops. So the average user shouldn't need to worry too much about the phones durability. You have to watch the video to get the full effect of the Galaxy S5 getting blown to shreds. Let us know what you think about the Galaxy S5's build in the comments below, or over on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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