UK Chromecast Owners Are Receiving Offers For Free Play Store Credits

Chromecast AH 2

Find yourself a little light on those Play Store credits these days? Well, you’re in luck if you reside in the UK and own a Chromecast, as it seems that Google is offering those who own the little HDMI dongle that could free Play Store credits in the amount of £4.99  for use on renting or purchasing movie content, or any other type of content from Google Play. There are a couple caveats to note, you must be a resident of the UK, and it sounds like you must have already purchased your Chromecast in the UK and had set it up for use prior to this particular deal being announced. If you imported it the offer is invalid, and if you buy it in the UK now that the deal is going, it is unconfirmed whether or not this deal will apply to you. However, free Play Store credits are always good, so if you were planning on buying a Chromecast today or sometime before July 15th when you have to have redeemed your credits, you might as well check to see if you end up being eligible for the offer.

As stated above, you should be able to use the credits for pretty much anything within the Play Store, short of subscription based things and any devices or accessories. Basically that means only non-subscription based digital content, which still leaves an amazing amount of things available for free at your fingertips. To get everything started, all you have to do is turn on the TV or device your Chromecast is plugged into, and head on over to the offers page to have Google check your devices serial number for the validity of the offer.

Once that’s all said and done, if everything checks out you’ll get a deposit of the Play Store credits into your Google account(the same one associated with the Chromecast of course), and then you can go crazy and splurge on one thing, or try to spread it out across a few different pieces of content. Just remember that you have to use the credits by July 15th or the credits will disappear into thin air.