Top 5 Custom Android Home Screens Monthly - April 2014

Custom homescreens is something that I personally enjoy, not just for the feeling of accomplishment from putting something cool together, but also for seeing some of the awesome work that others have done to give users a unique way to design our home screens and help truly set our phones apart. At least from anyone else who may not be using the same theme or homescreen setup. While none of the themes in here are ones that I have designed myself, these custom setups are homescreens that we found to be awesome and original and they definitely stood out in a sea of custom home setups. Some we had pulled from home screen communities, others we sifted through mycolorscreen and found the most awesome ones we could, but all of them have some flare and most you should either be able to apply through themer which can be found on the play store, or will have a description on the page link that goes with that theme, as to what widgets and stuff the people used to design it, which are usually Nova Prime(this is just a license key, you will still need the actual home launcher which is the free Nova Launcher app), UCCW, and Zooper Pro. Going forward we will be amending this post into a monthly top 5, but we wanted to start it off by doing 5 bonus homescreens to make it a top 10. With that said, let's check out some of the awesome work people do to create some really awesome and captivating homescreens.

New York City

first up is the New York City theme. We chose this one because it was just nothing like we had ever seen before. It's a really cool design, and the use of the giant video screens in Time Square as the app shortcuts is eye popping and an all around awesome idea. You can find all the information on how to set up this screen here at mycolorscreen, which was created by a user at the site by the name of The Rubenat. Awesome work.


Marvel VS Capcom

Do I really need to explain why this is one of the slickest homescreen themes out there? Ok, so maybe it'll only appeal to comic and video game fans, but that's actually a pretty huge group of people. This home screen theme is based off of one of the best and most iconic fighting games from my childhood, Marvel VS Capcom, and is setup by a user at mycolorscreen by the name of Max. All the files you need or descriptions on how to set this home screen up should be on the page or in the comments. You can find the link to the home screen here, the one caveat with this screen is that it seems to have been set up on a smaller display, so you might need to do some tinkering with the files, or find the same images in a larger size elsewhere. Good Luck!


Red Tech

This particular home screen called Red Tech is by a well known gentleman by the name of GaRyArTs who has created multiple homescreens that you can find on the Mycolorscreen website. It's a mix of a wallpaper, Nova Prime home launcher, an app called DesktopVisualizer, and various UCCW widget skins. It just has a nice cool tech look to it and is fairly minimalist, and the entire process on how to set up this homescreen is done by Marco from Mycolorscreen via this YouTube video tutorial below. Watch the entire video if you end up liking this homescreen and you can have it on your device.



This particular homescreen caught our eye while scrolling through the Zooper world of widgets community on G+. The skin is called BLTR, and was created by a user in the Zooper community on G+ named Kim Lykke N¸rregaard . To apply this skin all you have to do is install Zooper widgets, you will need the pro version. From there you just download the zooper skin from the play store and you can open up zooper and just apply the skin. It's that easy and no other work required.


Pacman Android

Who doesn't fondly remember Pacman? If you grew up in the 80's and 90's you have probably spent countless hours playing it. Now you can relive a little bit of nostalgia with this awesome Pacman homescreen that was created by a user on Mycolorscreen named UMAIRzd. This uniquely awesome homescreen is a blend of Nova launcher prime, UCCW, and Zooper. You can view the homescreen here at Mycolorscreen and get a description of how to set this screen up for yourself, so that you can see Pacman every time you look at your phone. The user is also said to be working on a version of this homescreen for Themer, so if you have that app installed you can check to see if it's available in there.



This homescreen was created by the same person that did the Pacman homescreen above, and is a simple set up of Nova prime, UCCW and popup widget. It's a lot less cluttered or flashy than some of the other screens, which is one reason why we liked it. It was actually set up so that each individual popsicle has its own popup, which is just cool.  You can find the full description on how to get this homescreen for yourself here, and don't forget to toss UMAIRzd a like.


Sun Behind The Clouds

We chose this homescreen because it has an extremely minimalist tech vibe, with the clean thin lines to separate the different widgets. This homescreen comes to us courtesy of a user on Mycolorscreen named Corrado27, and we have to say, job extremely well done. Minimalist homescreens are always clean and have a look that is hard to beat. You can find the full description of how to get this screen for yourself here, which is just a mix of Nova Prime and Zooper Pro.



This next homescreen is simply called Blur, and was created by a user on Mycolorscreen by the name of Jeremiah An. When you get right down to the basics, homescreens can be sexy, and we think this simple screen does an excellent job of conveying that. This homescreen was created with just one homescreen, and one widget. It's a simple Themer download, so all you need to do is download and install Themer from the play store, than you can download the Themer file here to get this look for your homescreen.



This homescreen is for the Google fans out there. Hey we're on android, aren't we all? This homescreen was created by a user on Mycolorscreen by the name of Peszek, and has a nice clean look with that familiar Google style and color scheme. It's comprised of three homescreens altogether, and was created using Zooper widgets. You can get this look by heading here,(you will also need Zooper pro) which has a download link for all the files and wallpapers you will need to set this beauty up.



This homescreen is for the Titanfall fans. It was a homescreen created by a user on Mycolorscreen by the name of Synergetici, and it's now featured inside Themer so all you have to do is download and install Themer from the play store and apply this particular theme. That's it, no extra work needed. This homescreen features highly customized details to make you phone look like it's straight out of Titanfall, so if you play the game and you want to show off your love for it, there's no better way then with this homescreen.

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