TELUS Offering $50 Rain Check to Those Who Can't Find Samsung Galaxy S5


There is nothing worse – okay, there are worse things that can happen to a person, but bear with me – then when you go to buy something, especially a new electronic gadget, and the merchant is out-of-stock! Imagine going into your local carrier's store to pick up that bright, new shiny smartphone and being told that they are all sold out. That is what is happening at the TELUS stores in Canada when customers are walking in to pick up a new Samsung Galaxy S5. So to help ease some hurtful feelings, TELUS is offering their customers a $50 'rain check' or credit to their accounts once they finally are replenished with stock and the sale is complete. A tipster sent in to our source, a screenshot of the directive from TELUS, listed as 'High Priority" with a 'Customer Focus' on the issue.

This is certainly a nice gesture, though not unprecedented when a device is sold out due to low stock or popularity – the exact same thing happen in 2012 when the Galaxy S3 was released and again in 2013 when the Galaxy S4 made its debut…you would think that TELUS or Samsung or BOTH would make sure there were enough devices on hand to satisfied the demand. Is it really that difficult to keep some extra devices in a warehouse so they could be trucked over to stores with no stock left? I mean a $50 credit is nice, but I'd rather have the device in-hand…you know what I mean?┬áThe program for the credits run from April 11 – April 20…so if you try to pick up the Galaxy S5 between those two dates, you will be eligible for the credit. Customers will then have until May 20, 2014 to redeem their credit. The exact wording is:


"For customers who come into store during the period described above as the Effective Data, looking to activate or renew a Samsung Galaxy S5 and are not able to receive a device due to depleted inventory, TELUS is offering a $50 rain check credit towards the price of the device on a 2-year activation/renewal when stock is replenished."

Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you ran into this problem at your local TELUS store – are you going to take the $50 rain check and wait for new stock? Please let us know how long the wait was before you were able to finally get your new Galaxy S5…as always, we would love to hear from you.

S5 Rain Check

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