T-Mobile's Purchase of Verizon's A-Block 700Mhz Spectrum Approved by the FCC

This is a big move for T-Mobile, and one that will help them get more coverage out there. Verizon has a big chunk of spectrum which they aren't using, and haven't for quite a while. Which is the A-Block 700Mhz spectrum which T-Mobile has just bought - well they actually bought it a few months ago. The FCC has finally approved the purchase. Kathleen Ham, who is the VP of Federal Regulatory Affairs at T-Mobile, thanked the FCC. Which you can see her response down below.

"T-Mobile is pleased by the FCC's prompt approval of our acquisition of 700 MHz A-Block spectrum, which will provide the company with low-band spectrum in a number of key markets across the country."

This deal is expected to close out in June, with T-Mobile beginning to use it by the end of the year. This is a big deal because it'll cover approximately 158 million POPs, including Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Houston,  Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Which is a pretty big deal, because that means not only stronger signal - especially indoors - but also more signal in areas where there is no T-Mobile signal. This deal is really going to help out T-Mobile in competing with the likes of AT&T and Verizon, who have a ton of low-band spectrum and are trying to get even more in the 600Mhz spectrum auction next year. What's so important about low-band spectrum? Well it makes it easier for the wireless signal to penetrate buildings. For example, right now AT&T and Verizon have amazing building penetration. At home I can get the same signal outside as I do inside. While T-Mobile and Sprint can't say the same thing. However Sprint is rolling out their 800Mhz spectrum which they got from Nextel a while ago, and now T-Mobile has this 700Mhz spectrum. So that's going to change rather soon. 

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