StoreDot Wants To Provide Us With Fully Charged Batteries In Less Than A Minute

Smartphones have become an invaluable tool for many people on a daily basis. It's because of this reason that people are either trying to find the phone with the absolute best battery life available, or are left with carrying around an extra battery or charger. The problem with having spare batteries and chargers is that they can still take some time to charge. This isn't usually an issue but sometimes the unthinkable happens and you're unprepared, and may not have the time to charge up your phone or a spare battery for that matter. While charge time for smartphone and tablet batteries has certainly improved over the last few years, we're still looking at having to wait at least an hour before a device gets a full charge most of the time.

That could all soon change with StoreDot's(an Israeli company) new Nanodot tech that they have shown off at Microsoft's Think Next conference in TelAviv just today. The nanotechnology made up of bio-organic peptide molecules promises to charge our phones in just 30 seconds. Just think about it, if you were on the go and lost battery power, who wouldn't have a 30 seconds to spare? While the process of charging the phone with this technology is rather quick, the development process is not so much, as it could take until sometime in 2016 before it's ready for consumer distribution and use. That's a ways off, but it should be worth the wait for saving people tons of time so they can go about their day.

Another great thing about the Nanodot tech, is that it seems to be green, using readily available biological materials to produce the Nanodots themselves, which is also cost efficient. It all sounds great-we have a product that is extremely useful to the consumer, and is cost effective and presumably eco friendly-and we hope that this technology makes its way into widespread use sooner than later. You can see from the video above that they use this technology to charge a Samsung Galaxy S3, and it really charges in 30 seconds. The issue as it stands now is that the Nanodot battery itself is huge, and by no means anything that you would want to use in your smartphone in it's current state. This is likely one of the things that StoreDot is working on, to make the battery technology smaller.

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