Sprint Updates Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Add WiFi Calling Feature


Sprint customers were very happy to hear that Sprint was going to start offering WiFi calling back in February 2014. Especially since the one thing every Sprint customer knows, is that they have spotty coverage to say the least. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slowly getting an update that adds WiFi calling to the device.

T-Mobile has offered WiFi calling for a quite some time now, and Sprint is joining that party. Back in February, Sprint announced the offering of WiFi calling and how they expect it to improve coverage, especially indoors. However when they announced the service, it was only available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, and the Galaxy Mega. The idea behind Sprint offering this service, was to improve coverage. If a consumer was nowhere near, Sprint's reach, than at least they could use existing WiFi that already surrounded them instead. However, as you may have noticed, the option was initially only available on two devices.


Now Sprint will be adding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to that lineup. Current users of the device will be noticing the update OTA over the next couple of days or so. The update will bring your software version to N900PVPUCNC5, again it will take sometime before everyone receives this update, but all Galaxy Note 3 users will eventually get the update.

If you are on Sprint with a different device, and not the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Mega, and Galaxy S4 mini, don't worry just yet. Sprint is working to bring this option to more Android devices in their lineup. Hopefully this feature will come on newer devices being released already by Sprint, and they will only have to catch up on devices currently available from the provider. Sprint hopes to have the feature completely up and spread out by the end of the year. We expect that other carriers will soon be adopting this as well. If you ask some T-Mobile consumers, they will certainly tell you that they love this feature. It will come as no surprise that other carriers offer this service, what could be left unknown is if they find ways to improve upon the WiFi calling that we already know and love. What do you think, can WiFi calling save the reputation of Sprint's coverage? Or is it too late for that at this point? Speak up down there or on our G+ page.

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