Sprint Offering to Pay Off Early Termination Fees For Joining a Framily Plan

sprint etf payoff

Tomorrow might be quite a big day for Sprint. They have quite a few promotions and new changes coming up. They've just announced that they are making Framily plans and EasyPay available through Best Buy. They will also be offering a $100 gift card to people who purchase a device using EasyPay through Best Buy, and now we're seeing that Sprint will be paying off early termination fees, as well.

It looks like Sprint is learning from T-Mobile. Remember how T-Mobile was offering to pay off early termination fees if customers switched to magenta? Well, now Sprint is offering to pay off termination fees of up to $350 per line if customers switch to the Framily plan. It appears as though Sprint realizes that what T-Mobile has been doing is working and they would like in on the action, as well.


To become eligible for the early termination promo, you need to send Sprint a picture of your last bill, and they'll send you a Visa card with the amount of your early termination fee. This promotion is limited, however. You have from April 4th through May 8th to switch over to Sprint's Framily plan and get reimbursed for your termination fee. Of course, much like T-Mobile's early termination fee reimbursement, it'll take a little bit for you to receive your Visa gift card. On the "fine print" on Sprint's ad, they mention that you'll receive your card within 12 weeks of submitting the request. Also, it's important to note that Sprint won't send out the cards unless you've been with them for 45 days. You also need to be sure that your bill is paid up and that you're in good standing with Sprint before they'll give you your Visa card as well.

In case you forgot, Sprint's Framily plans start at $55 for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data. If you want 3 GB of data, that'll run you $10 more and unlimited data costs $20 more. Every person you add to the plan saves you $5 on the bill. Once you add seven or more people, your bill drops to $25 per line (plus installment fees and data plans, of course). You then have the option of using EasyPay, which allows you to pay off your device little by little, and also adds up to $30 to your monthly bill. If you have the unlimited data plan for twelve consecutive months, you'll get an annual upgrade, as well.

So, starting tomorrow, customers will be able to get a reimbursed for their early termination fees if they choose to switch to the Framily Plan. It appears to be working for T-Mobile, so we'll just have to wait and see whether it works for Sprint. What do you think of this news? Do you think that this promotion will help Sprint out in the long run?

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