Sprint Edits the Nexus 5 Software Update Page to Reflect no Android 4.4.3

April 18, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Earlier in the week, Sprint had posted on their support site that the Nexus 5 was getting Android 4.4.3 this week. In fact, it was supposed to come on Monday. It never did. Nor on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…you get the gist. So now when you go to the same software update page from earlier in the week, it now says that the latest update was Android 4.4.2 which was pushed out back in December.

So what happened here? We’re not sure. It could be a bunch of things. Could be that Sprint jumped the gun. Maybe Google had planned to push the update out this week and they found a bug. There could be a million reasons why. But we have heard from a few sources, reliable ones of course or we wouldn’t be writing this, that KTU84F is the last build for Android 4.4.3. And that it’s just about ready to roll out. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later, since I know a lot of people are having issues with Android 4.4.2 on their devices.

Hopefully we’ll see Android 4.4.3 next week, although we’ll be saying that every week until the update actually rolls out. Watch Google push it out as soon as I hit “Publish” on this post. The update is said to be mostly bug fixes, and nothing really new with KitKat. We are expecting to see all the new goodies at Google I/O in June. Which we will be there to cover it. So make sure you follow us so you don’t miss a beat during those two days in San Francisco.

How many of our readers are waiting on Android 4.4.3 for their Nexus 5? What kind of bugs are you experiencing on your device? Hopefully Google fixes them all in this update. Let us know in the comments down below.