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Description: Troyis is a new type of puzzle game developed for smartphones and tablets that brings in aspects of Chess and needs a quick wit to conquer. Unlike other games, Troyis will be easily mastered by Chess players, rather than casual gamers. However, Troyis is still easy enough for most players to learn, it'll just require some thinking through before you can simply conquer each and every level in quick succession. The aim of the game is to move around the grids in an "L" shape, as if you were the Knight piece in a Chess game. Throughout the game, you'll be treated to some calming Mediterranean sights and sounds to keep your brain calm and focused.  

How it Works: Before you can do anything of course, you'll need to download Troyis from the Play Store – a deluxe version is available if you really like the free one, too. From there, you can input your name and start playing.


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When you first start playing, things start off easy in Troyis, and you'll also be told exactly how the game should be played.

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The first couple of levels are easy enough to get you through things, but they can still be quite challenging if you don't remember you need to jump in L shape movements.


When you fail a level you're working on, the tiles will start to crack, and that's it – game over!


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There are a great many levels on offer, and they each get a little harder as time goes on.

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I'm still trying my best to get past level 4! However difficult the game might be, it's a great way to challenge your brain, and at the end of each run, you're given a ranking on how well you've played.

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Opinion: Troyis is a whole lot of fun, however it can be quite challenging, too. Having to jump across the board in an L shape is confusing at first, but once it "clicks", each level becomes very satisfying indeed and the more challenging a level you conquer, the more accomplished you feel. The theme is really nice here as well, the sounds and the blue and white themes make me feel like I am playing while sat out in the sun in an old Spanish village somewhere. It's a really calming game to play, despite the fact that your brain will be working harder than it normally does. A fun game that everyone should try out, Troyis is a different type of puzzle game.



  • Speed (5/5) – Troyis is a speedy game, and the time limits on each level make this feel like a modern game indeed. With some practice, you can breeze through levels and get a real buzz off of completing a level quickly.
  • Features (4/5) – A great new style to play a simple grid-like puzzle, Troyis is a complicated, yet easy to grasp puzzler that has something for everyone on offer.
  • Theme (5/5) – The whites and blues at work here are a joy to look at, and the sound effects give the game a presence as well. A calming game that is relaxing and challenging at the same time.
  • Overall (4/5) – Troyis is one of the more original games that we've played in some time, and there's very little to complain about here, it's a fun game that everyone should at least give a try.


  • Can easily become addictive, as Troyis is a great game to come back to time after time.
  • Challenging for new and old puzzle players alike, Troyis is a real brain teaser.
  • Calming and good-looking theme is great for taking the game on holiday and gives it a unique feel.
  • Troyis is great for Chess players, but has quick game modes to take in while on the go.


  • Can get very difficult towards the later stages.
  • A sort of coach or practice mode would be nice.

Conclusion: Troyis is a lot of fun, no matter how good you are at Chess, or how often you play puzzle games. It's a fun game that has a great-looking theme and some easy to pickup, yet hard to master gameplay that will satisfy casual gamers and puzzle kings alike. There's an iOS version available for those with iPads lying around the house and the graphics look good on high resolution displays, too. Troyis is one of those puzzle games you need to play to see how much fun it can be.


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