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Description: The Terminal 2 is a game for Android (that's also available on the PC) that puts you in charge of an Airport. You'll have to juggle incoming and outgoing flights, keep passengers safe and sound, direct planes from runways to terminals. With the ability to build up and run an Airport how you like things, you can think of The Terminal 2 as a sort of Sim City for Airports. It's simple and easy to play with the touch screen controls and features a decent level of realism that still allows for some hilarity and you still need to run an Airport how you think it should be ran. Take a look at the trailer below to see what the Terminal is about.

How it Works: To get started, you'll need to download the game onto your device, from there you can start running your Airport how you want. Just select to start a new game and you'll be taken to your shiny new Airport.


2014-04-02 15.41.37

When you first start playing, there won't be much to look at, but you can easily purchase your first plane.

2014-04-02 15.42.48


You start the game with $300,000 to spend on planes and buildings, but you'll need to spend this wisely. It's not just planes you'll need to run a successful Airport, but things like emergency services as well.

2014-04-02 15.43.57

Once you have a number of the essentials in place, you'll soon start to see a busy Airport start to function, and you'll be ferrying more and more passengers around the world.


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After playing for a while, you'll notice that weather can have a huge effect on your Airport and can even help cause accidents.

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When playing The Terminal 2, you'll need to deal with a whole bunch of different things and it can get quite challenging juggling all the different aspects of keeping things running.

Opinion: As a big fan of these sort of simulation games, The Terminal 2 is a lot of fun and there's very little that gets in the way of the core gameplay here. It's unfortunate that the games does play a little similarly to others, but there's nothing wrong with that and the Indie charm here is a nice touch. Better performance on Android tablets is needed, but all of the boxes that make a good simulation game like this are ticked here. From being able to build needed buildings around the Airport to having some cool jets the A380 and the Concord in your hangars, The Terminal should satisfy aviation fans nicely.


  • Speed (4/5) – The Terminal runs well, and I found very few hiccups when playing the game on a number of different phones and tablets. However, getting started can get a little while.
  • Features (4/5) – With most of the features you would want from a game like this, building and running your own Airport is a lot of fun with the Terminal 2.
  • Theme (3/5) – The Indie charm here is nice, and things do look good, if a little "classic". However, things look stretched on tablets, as if the game hasn't been developed with tablets in mind.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the graphical hiccups, the Terminal 2 is a pleasing and fun simulator game that should appeal to all Aviation fans.


  • Easy to setup, with some decent tutorials on hand for complete newcomers to these types of games.
  • Good-looking and familiar games will bring with it some nostalgia for classic Sim City players.
  • Focus isn't just on the planes, you need to take care of the buildings and infrastructure as well.
  • Always being updated with new features and tweaks.


  • Could feel a little familiar for some users.
  • Designed with a more 4:3 aspect ratio in mind, so can appear stretched on Android tablets.

Conclusion: The Terminal 2 is a game that has its foibles, but then again it is currently in beta, so that's to be expected. Despite all of them however, it's a fun game and one that offer city building fans and aviation nuts alike something fresh to sink their teeth into. The Terminal 2 is a game that's even heading to Steam, and is waiting to be Greenlit right now, and for a lot of PC users this will feel like taking one of your PC games with you, which isn't a bad thing as everything works well with touch controls. Those with iPads can download the Terminal 2 on that as well. A fun game, the Terminal 2 is easy to get to grips with and can only get better over time.



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