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Description: Puzzle games on Android have gotten smarter, more sophisticated and have started to offer fresh twists on classic gameplay that delivers something new altogether. Set of Threes is one of those games, putting a fresh spin on the classic "match three" gameplay. In Set of Threes, you need to find a set of three things that either have something in common, or differ completely from one another. It's an incredibly difficult game and right off the bat I can tell you that those looking for a challenging new game should  give this a go. Especially if you're looking for something difficult. The general premise of finding a set of three things to strict yet bizarrely open-ended criteria seems simple, it really isn't.

How it Works: To start giving your brain a serious workout, you'll need to download Set of Threes from the Play Store, then you're ready to go.


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As the developer stresses, it's a very good idea to read through the tutorial before you attempt to start playing.

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If you find yourself coming back to the tutorial for help time and time again, don't worry. I did the same, and I find the ending page of particular help when I'm playing badly.

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When you start playing, you'll have five minutes to match as many sets as you can.


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You're given a thousand points to start off with, which might seem strange, but you'll soon end up spending points by shuffling the board, which costs 100 points and each time you make a set that isn't a set, you lose 100 points there as well. Your score will soon end up dropping to 0 and below if you're not any good at the game. You're told how many sets you can make with the current shapes and such in the top-left of the display.

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Opinion: Set of Threes is an incredibly difficult game and I frequently found myself scoring negative 2,000 or so.However, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the time I spent with Set of Threes, in fact it was the most fun I've had on a puzzle game for some time. The simple and inviting UI is calming and allows you to think long and hard about whether that set is actually a set. Focusing on actually using your brain power, Set of Threes is a great challenge for those that want to flex their brain, rather than their brawn.


  • Speed (4/5) – Five minutes is plenty of time to try and get your best positive score and the game runs well.
  • Features (4/5) – Simple and inviting, the core gameplay of Set of Threes is addictive while offering a compelling challenge for puzzle veterans and newcomers alike.
  • Theme (4/5) – A clean, white theme makes Set of Threes a good-looking game that should appeal to pretty much anyone.
  • Overall (4/5) – With some excellent gameplay on offer, Set of Threes is a challenging game that die-hard puzzle fans will love.


  • Simple gameplay idea easily becomes a real challenge for young and old.
  • Features solid integration with Google Play Games.
  • Thanks to the five minute time limit, space is given to the player to think things through while playing.
  • Rewards players that use their brains to think things through properly, and punishes those that guess for the sake of it.


  • Some may find it very difficult indeed, I know I did!
  • Interactive tutorial, with a sort of test level, would help people understand the concept better.

Conclusion: Set of Threes is a game that's a lot of fun, regardless of how good you are at it. Rarely a game brings you in like this and forces you to really think about something, and too often we end up resorting to simple guessing. When playing this though, guessing isn't going to get you anywhere and those that take their time to find the sets in each arrangement will be rewarded with high scores. Thanks to the integration with Google Play Games, there's a number of achievements on offer as well as the ability to see how you stack up with your friends. An excellently difficult game, Set of Threes is great for those puzzle players that thing they know it all.


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