Sponsored Game Review: Kids English Game

Kids learning English game

Description: Kids English Game is an Android game designed to help teach children English, and it's clearly something designed for those that might not be native speakers in the first place, a nice feature for those that have come to an English speaking country from the East, for instance. Basically, Kids English Game is an RPG-style game that has players controlling a warrior on a gameboard, whom is charged with defeating enemy demons and thieves. In order to quickly dispatch these villains, children can select an item from the bottom tray and then speak out an items name to cast the spell. This give children an opportunity to practice their spoken English in a more fun environment.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store and then you're ready to play.


2014-03-31 15.37.34

Getting started is pretty simple, but before you can do anything, you need to select a level to play.

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If you're just starting the game, it's a good idea to hit the help button in the top-right hand corner of the display to get some pointers on what to do. However, it's pretty simple, really. All your child needs to do is to touch an enemy on the field to have the hero attack the character. To speed things up and use a heavier, more effective attack you can select an item from below in the dock. A lot of the time these will be fruit or something similar, when you touch an item, your child needs to speak out "Apple" when touching Apple in order to perform a special spell.

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There's a decent variety of words to speak out in-game, and parents can see what they've said in the bottom-left of the display with words listed.


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Things can get quite exciting for children in the later levels, and it will present them with excellent opportunities to test their English speaking skills.

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Opinion: Kids English Game, despite its bizarre naming scheme, is a fun game and I can definitely see children the world over enjoying it a lot. However, while the concept is really quite good, the execution could be much better. A lot of children will be using this on a tablet, as they're inexpensive and easy for them to use, but the game doesn't make any use of the extra screen real estate and the UI scales too much to the left and looks a little out of place on larger displays. Still though, we doubt kids will mind too much and being able to cast powerful spells at the same time as learning some key words in English is pretty cool.


  • Speed (4/5) – A speedy game, there's no waiting around when playing Kids English Game.
  • Features (4/5) – The concept at the heart of everything in Kids English Game is great, and all it needs is a little more polish and attention to detail to bring it out.
  • Theme (3/5) – The presentation here is what lets things down for Kids English Game, with a tiny UI and poor looks on tablets, things don't really look all that good, which is a shame. Better visual prompts for the kids to speak their word would be helpful, too.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – An excellent concept that children the world over will be able to take to, Kids English Game is a great kids game that's only let down by some lackluster graphics and poor looks on tablets.


  • Kids actually get to practice speaking English words aloud, so often this is overlooked in games of this nature.
  • Mythical setting gives kids something to be entertained with while learning.
  • Good variety of key English words like fruit and vegetables.
  • Easy enough for kids to play on their own, with parents watching over them.


  • Definitely in need of a fresh coat of paint and better attention paid to tablets.
  • Detailed tutorial for new players would be a helpful addition.

Conclusion: The core idea of Kids English Game is good, but its held back by a lackluster appearance. If you can look past the appearance of this game though, there's a lot on offer in Kids English Game and we're sure many parents can see the appeal of having their children speak out key English words in a game instead of just guessing the answer all the time. With a fresh coat of paint and better performance on tablets, Kids English Game would be an excellent tool for any parent to have on their tablet of smartphone. As it stands right now, this is a great idea with a good implementation that needs a makeover.