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Description: Multi Photos Contact is an application for Android that allows you to change the contact photo for contacts on your Android device. You can add as many photos to a contact as you like, and control how they are changed by adjusting their frequency etc. You can share whatever image you want with the app in order to assign different photos and you can eve use a Dropbox link to keep things fresh and fun, too. There's no need to use a different phone app or anything here either, as Multi Photos Contact takes care of everything in the background, automatically. A fun app that takes advantage of the high resolution displays we carry around in our pockets all day, read on to find out more.

How it Works: Before you can start changing contact photos, you'll need to download Multi Photos Contact from the Play Store. Once you do, you'll be able to choose one of your contacts to add or change photos for. You can quickly and easily assign contacts as favorites by hitting the star next to their name, it really is that simple.


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When you choose a contact to add or change photos for, everything is pretty straightforward. You can choose to add photos from pretty much any app you want and change how frequently they change.

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So, let's take my friend Joe here, I can take a photo of him and then add that to the photos that I've assigned to his contact.

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Everything is nice and simple to use, and the only changes you need to make are within the app, there's no need to use a different phone app or anything like that.

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It really is this simple to change the contact photos on your device. You just add the images you like, adjust how often and how you would like them to change, and that's it. Everything is handled in the background, automatically. You can press and hold on an image to change to that specific photo and more.


Opinion: I'm normally not a sentimental person, but I have a number of photos of my girlfriend and I together that I would love to use for her contact photo. However, getting round to changing things manually every time is a real pain. With Multi Photos Contact however, I can add as many as I like and simply have them cycle through them however you like. It's a really nice feature, and everyone should find a use for this. Proud parents can have child photos of their kids on their device, couples can utilize the Dropbox feature, and close friends can simply cycle through those embarrassing photos they want to forget about.


  • Speed (4/5) – Multi Photos Contact is a simple and easy to use app that's quick, and doesn't take up any battery life on your device or even need any extra changes made to it.
  • Features (4/5) – It's a simple concept, but here it's executed really easily, and there's no need to deal with anything special or even adjust the way in which you use your device. Multi Photos Contact makes it simple and easy to change and cycle through photos of friends, wives and loved ones.
  • Theme (4/5) – There aren't any flashy animations or anything like that here, instead there's an easy to use app that makes changing things a breeze.
  • Overall (4/5) –  A fun app that will put smiles on the faces of husbands, proud parents and close friends all over the world, it's hard not to like Multi Photos Contact.


  • Simple and easy to use, even those that aren't super-techie will be able to use this with no problems.
  • No need to change which phone app you use or anything else, just set the photos up and you're good to go.
  • Everything happens in the background, with no added battery drain.
  • Great for parents, couples and close friends alike – everyone will find a use for this.


  • Facebook integration would make importing photos easier.
  • Widgets to quickly change contact photos would be a nice feature.

Conclusion: Multi Photos Contact is a fun app that we're sure everyone will be able to find a use for. Since Android 4.0 revamped the way contacts display on our incoming call screens, we've wanted to get better-looking and more emotive photos on this screen. Now, with Multi Photos Contact, you can do just that, being able to cycle through these screens is a nice touch and there's no need to spend time with different dialler apps or contact apps. All you need to do is change the photos in this app, and you're done. This simple and easy approach to changing contact photos is great and allows users to express themselves easier and remember the good times spent with family and friends.


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