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Description: Mobi DB is an Android app that allows you to create and manage your own databases on your smartphone or tablet. It features a number of pre-built databases you can simply fill in to keep a track of fine wines, movies you want to see as well as more serious things. You can export these databases as you would any other and you can even create your own fields, too. Great for keeping track of quality wines, recipes, ingredients and more Mobi DB is a quick and easy to use Android application that anyone will be able to use. Read on to find how we liked Mobi DB.

How it Works: First thing's first, t start creating your own databases, you need to download Mobi DB from the Play Store. There's a Pro Version available as well, which has a lot more features in it and essential if you want to keep these databases going. When you first start, you're asked if you want to use some test databases, something that we recommend to see how these databases can be used.


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The test databases can help show you how and why Mobi DB will be useful, like this list of movies you keep meaning to see, but never get round to going.

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Creating your own database is as simple as you might expect however, there are a lot of database types available, but you can easily create you own blank one and add your own fields.

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I chose the Wines list, and I'm going to use it to record real ales as well as wines in it. Fields are already set up in the Wines database, with room for notes on how you liked the particular drink.


2014-04-12 19.59.07

If you want to share this database with others, you can easily export the database to your phone's storage.

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Where Mobi DB really shines however, is on large screen tablets, there you can really appreciate the detail of information you can include such as images.

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With Mobi DB, you can get really quite granular when it comes to editing or designing a database, taking control over pretty much anything you want.


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Great for customers as well, Mobi DB can be used to manage customers and their orders.


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Opinion: Whether using it for work or play, I am pretty sure that everyone will be able to find something they can use Mobi DB for. Take me for example, coffee is a big deal for me and I can use Mobi DB to keep track of blends, brands, grinds and prices when it comes to getting my Espresso fix. I'll also use the Movies database to keep track of films that my girlfriends and I want to watch together, as well as those cheesy 80s action films I need to watch alone. It's a great app that's fully featured with some seriously powerful features included. Sure, you could just Drive for this sort of thing, but that's nowhere near as intuitive or focused as this. For keeping track of stuff, people, orders and more, Mobi DB is a great app to use.


  • Speed (4/5) – A speedy application, there's no waiting around when using Mobi DB on a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Features (4.5/5) – With lots of databases to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own or fine tine fields, there's a lot on offer here.
  • Theme (4/5) – Icons are colorful, and the app follows stock Android guidelines, delivering the same sort of look and feel across all devices.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – With a view more tailored to smartphones, Mobi DB would be a much better app, but right now only tablet users can get the most out of the good app.


  • Rest databases included to give users a good idea of how and why to use such an app.
  • Makes good use of extra screen space on tablets.
  • You can create your own databases, and fine tune already existing ones, allowing for tight control over databases.
  • Good-looking app that delivers a consistent feel across devices.


  • Needs to make better use of smartphone displays, lots of swiping and scrolling needed.
  • Ability to quickly edit fields in the pre-built databases would be nice.

Conclusion: Mobi DB is a great app, no matter whether or not you choose to stick with the Lite version or spring for the Pro version. There's a lot of features on offer here and a whole lot of control given over fields and more when using the included presets or creating your own databases from scratch. Great for personal use as well as business, everyone will be able to find some sort of use for Mobi DB and if you do, the Pro version will deliver even more.


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