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Description: Adfun, as you might have guessed from its name, is a way for people to watch ads and have fun while doing it. How Adfun does this is by rewarding users with bidding money or tickets for watching ads, to enter auction to bid for  you really want and win them, for free!  When you watch an ad, you're rewarded bidding money or bidding tickets, which you can then use to enter an auction to bid for item you really want and win them, for free! This isn't something that you have to do on your lonesome however, as there are team auctions available which let all of the friends you invite into a team auction to win the product you want to go for. Sharing ads and rating the app also rewards you with bidding money and bidding tickets, which can then allow you to enter and win more auctions. The idea might sound a little complicated, but the best way of looking at it is that Adfun gives you the chance to win incredible gadgets and items for free, instead of a little cash here and there like similar apps. You can take a look at this quick trailer below to get a feel for what Adfun is about.



How it Works: Before you can do anything with Adfun, you need to actually get it onto your device! It's just a quick download away, and then you're ready to sign in!

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You don't have to sign in with Facebook, but as the app works much better with friends, it's definitely recommended that you do. If you're completely new to adfun, the developers have put together an easy to follow tutorial to get you started.



Once you get into the swing of things, everything seems nice and simple. You can start watching ads simply by swiping across to the right, which will give you some bidding money and such to try and get one of those items you really want.

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When you've got a good amount of bidding money and tickets together, you can go ahead and bid for some items you really like. For instance, Android users like us would love to get a Chromebook for free.

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Opinion: Apps that reward you for watching ads or engaging in ad campaigns certainly aren't new, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any room left for something that puts a new spin on things. By combining a couple of concepts, Adfun suddenly makes more sense than your traditional ad app that gives out a little bit of money here and there. Instead, adfun allows you to not only bid and win items – for free – that you want , but it also lets you connect with friends as you do it. What's nice about something like adfun is that it breaks down the traditional barrier between ages, old and young alike can play this "game" and together everyone could get a little something for nothing, which doesn't happen enough today.



  • Speed (4/5) – While nothing amazing, Adfun is a quick app and there's not too much waiting around for auctions to finish.
  • Features (5/5) – A fresh take on something that's been done a number of times, Adfun doesn't insult its users with meager amounts of cash after watching ads and instead gives them the chance to go and get something they'll really value for free.
  • Theme (4/5) – It'd be nice if Adfun felt a little more like an Android app, but again there's little to complain about here.
  • Overall (4/5) – By offering users something worthwhile, Adfun brings with it a slew of features and the ability to connect to freinds in order to keep things fresh and fun.


  • Easy enough to use, and the tutorials and pointers really help people to get to grips with what's essentially a new way of getting rewards for watching ads.
  • Lots of high-profile items on the store that people will want, like Apple products and Chromebooks.
  • Ads are a good selection and shouldn't be boring or laborious to any of its users.
  • Youc an easily bring you friends into the mix and have everyone win, a great touch for an app like this.


  • Too many Apple products are on offer for an Android app.
  • Seems like it'd take a very long time to win something worthwhile.

Conclusion: A nice mix of concepts, Adfun easily breaks away from the norm of ad reward apps and offers people the chance to get their hands on something they'll really value, as oppose to five bucks off at Amazon. Adfun is a little complicated at first, but the tutorials and such do a nice job of taking people through it and after a little while you could find that you and your friends are winning some high-profile products that would otherwise cost a lot, all for watching some ads and bidding together as a team! It's free to try out, so what are you waiting for?


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