Speed Up Your File Downloading With Download Booster On The Galaxy S5

By now some of you may be well aware that if you own the Galaxy S5, you can use the included Download Booster feature to help speed up your downloads and make them quicker. That's the whole idea of this feature anyway isn't it? The downside for some of you here is that the we have also reported certain Galaxy S5 models wouldn't be able to use this feature specifically, because it looks like a few carriers have chosen not to support this feature on their network for the time being. While the device just got its official release no more than a few days ago, it's entirely possible that an update could come along from you carrier that ends up pushing this feature onto your device. For now we'll direct this at the users whose Galaxy S5 has the Download Booster setting available.

To access the Download Booster and speed up your downloading of files, your first step is making sure that both your mobile network connection and the wifi are enabled, once that's done you can simply drag down the status bar panel, and Download Booster will be mixed in with the quick toggle buttons at the top, alongside airplane mode, silent mode and others. Tapping that once you have both required connections ready to go, will ensure that your downloads from here on out speed themselves up and ultimately take much less time than if you downloaded them solely on the mobile network data or on wifi alone.

Now we know that not all T-mobile users will have unlimited data, so it would be advantageous for those users to watch their mobile data limits to make sure they don't hit the throttle cap. For those of you who aren't a T-mobile customer but own a Galaxy S5(or any device for that matter) and want to get the functionality of the Download Booster, you can do so with an app from the play store called Super Download Fast. The functionality will allow you to use both your mobile data and your wifi connection to download files so that they download quicker. Having used neither feature myself, I can't give you a fair comparison, but it seems to do the same exact job as Download Booster so you could give it a shot if you were wanting this particular function.

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