SlimROMS Introduces Shake To Temporarily Secure Feature In Latest Nightlies


Sometimes security of your device is of the utmost importance, and you want to be sure to keep it protected from prying eyes and anyone who should try to steal information off of it if they get their hands on it. While some of us might not ever think of tapping into the security features that our devices give us, plenty of people lock down their smartphones and devices on a daily basis just in case the unthinkable happens and their device is lost or stolen. There are lots of different ways to lock up your phone in the event that it leaves your possession, but one of the cooler ways we've come across the ability to set up a password is with a new shake to secure feature built into the latest versions of a popular ROM called SlimROMS.

It's pretty straightforward, you shake your device and it locks it up, after which unlocking requires the input of the password. The process works when you shake your device from the lock screen, so if you previously had no password setup this would enable a temporary password which could be setup in a pinch. The idea is that if you're in a situation where you need to secure your device with a password  but don't want it on all the time, you can do so. Since the password is temporary, after you verify the password setup by the shake to secure feature, the device remains unsecured until you shake from the lock screen again.

There a few scenarios where something like this might come in useful for people, presumably when you might fear the possibility of your device getting stolen and you want to be extra cautious. It's nice though that verifying the temporary password can do away with it entirely, especially if you normally don't use a password in the first place. If you wanted to check out the shake to secure feature now, it is already incorporated into the latest nightlies for SlimROMs, so you can check it out by going into settings/security once you have that ROM installed on your device. If you're not sure whether or not SlimROMs supports your device, you can check out their full list of device support from their main website.

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