Sense 6 Apps from the HTC One (M8) Have Been Extracted; Inching Their Way to Other Devices


On the day that HTC launched their latest and greatest smartphone, the new HTC One, they also launched a slew of apps into the Play Store. These apps were key parts of the Sense 6 experience, such as BlinkFeed, SenseTV and more. Of course, we all know that HTC have done this in order to keep their core features updated quickly, and outside of the control of the carriers, but the speculation of these apps heading to other devices still came, and in fact BlinkFeed has already been quietly confirmed to hit other smartphones soon.

The Android community however has long had a passion for porting apps from premium devices like the HTC One to other devices, and this is something we see with a lot of apps. Features from Sony's Xperia devices end up on other Android phones and one enterprising folk has even gotten the Moto X camera running on the Nexus 5. So, what of these Sense 6 apps from the Play Store? Well, they've now been extracted from an M8 and available for download over at XDA-Developers. The bad news however, is that they don't yet work on anything other than an actual HTC One M8, which is a little disappointing, but to be expected.


That doesn't mean that these apps won't be ported to other devices in working condition in the future however, but it does make it a little unlikely. After all, these were apps designed for a very specific device in mind and as we've found out so many times over the last few years, just because it's in the Play Store, doesn't mean it's for everyone. Hopefully though, there'll be some movement on these apps soon, I for one can't wait to enjoy BlinkFeed on my Nexus 5 and there are other parts of Sense 6 that users will find appealing, too.

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