Samsung's New Premium Audio Products dubbed "Level" Offers Every Size of Headphone and Bluetooth Speaker


One of the bigger changes that smartphones and tablets have made to our lives is how we listen to music. We can listen to new songs from YouTube, easily share music with others and choose from millions upon millions of songs no matter where we are. It's no surprise then, that the headphone market has gotten a big boost over the last few years and if you're a big music listener, it's important to have a decent pair of cans that suit your needs. Samsung understands this and as such is today announcing a new line of audio products dubbed "Level". Coming in Level In, Lever On, Lever Over and Lever Box varieties, Samsung's new premium line of audio is designed for mobile and offers every size imaginable, as well as a Bluetooth Speaker.

Starting at the small end of things, the Level In – as you could have guessed – is a set of in-ear headphones and features a three-way speaker as well an in-line remote, a premium carrying case and extra ear tips. According to Samsung's spec sheet, the Level In features two balanced armatures and a dynamic speaker for those lows. If you're interested in the Level In, these will be launching along with the rest of the range some time in May.


Moving up into the range is the Level On, which are on-ear headphones with 40mm drivers that feature a detachable 3.5mm cable complete with in-line mic and remote. According to Samsung, the Level On "flexibly dampening the air flow with a 40 mm dual layered diaphragm", but we're sure they'll sound pretty good regardless of fancy talk. Coming with a premium carry case too, these will be available next month as well, you can take a closer look in the gallery below.

For those looking for something a little more comprehensive when it comes to personal listening, Samsung has you covered with the Level Over, which are an over-the-ear design headphone that feature 50mm drivers. The next big thing that sets these apart is the fact that they can be completely wireless thanks to Bluetooth support with 15 – 30 hours of listening time, depending on how much you use the noise cancellation. Speaking of which, the Lever Over utilizes a hybrid type of noise cancellation, both when using the microphone during calls and when listening to music. The Level Over of course comes with the same premium carrying case as its brothers, but also features a microUSB cable in the box (for charging) a detachable 3.5mm cable for when you're all out of juice and an Airplane adapter to boot. These will be available next month as well. So too, will be the Samsung Level app for Android, available from the Play Store, which will allow for equalization and more of the Lever Over.

Rounding out the whole line up is the Level Box, a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes in either black or white and is comprised of a 56mm stereo speaker and a passive radiator. Complete with NFC and AptX support, this Bluetooth speaker features a charger in the box and can be used as a loud-speaker as well.


Available mid-May, Samsung's Level line of audio equipment certainly looks the part, and looks a little classier than you might expect from Samsung. The Level Over has to be the one that has me most intrigued. We've reviewed Bluetooth headphones before, like the Mad Catz Freq M, but it's difficult to find a larger pair of Bluetooth cans. With the Level line, Samsung now has one more string to its bow when it comes to keeping users locked into their ecosystem and considering these will appeal to music lovers the world over, we'd say this was a good move from Samsung. Pricing has yet to be announced, so we're hoping that Samsung won't price themselves out of the market with these.

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