Samsung's New Gear Fit Commercial Demonstrates Their Idea Of Proper Use

Samsung's new ad spots are attempting to attract people on more of an individual level this year, as the latest commercial from the Korean manufacturer is out and it's about their new Gear Fit wearable fitness band, that displays how it fits into one persons life. A recently released commercial came out last week about the Galaxy S5, promptly on time after the official launch on all major US carriers and other regions around the globe presenting the same message. Now they're showing just how one should be using the Gear Fit, or rather how we can use it and how it would benefit anyone who decides to pick one up. The commercial is quick and to the point, just like their last one about the S5, so it begs the question of whether or not it will work.

Would you be more interested in buying a Gear Fit after seeing this commercial? We have to admit, watching it definitely gets us a little more interested in a fitness band, but not necessarily the Gear Fit. The video goes through different uses for the Gear Fit and displays the wearer with her Gear Fit on in different settings, which seeks to show potential buyers how it can apply to just about every aspect of your day. From work, to workout, to play and beyond, Samsung wants you to know how the Gear Fit can put you more in touch with your health, while also making things more convenient.

We all know that the Gear Fit is water resistant, so being able to wear it out in the rain like in this video is a good way to show how the elements shouldn't slow you down from getting out there and staying active. While this commercial may not sway some into buying, if you are considering picking up a Gear Fit, what are some of the things that you're looking forward to most with it? You'll be able to track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and interact with incoming calls all from the convenience of your wrist, and although it isn't the least expensive option out there for these types of wearables functions, it is cheaper than Samsung's own alternative option with the Gear 2.

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