Samsung's Milk Service to Feature Premium Subscription Model, Ads in the Future?



Samsung introduced a pretty big piece of their exclusive puzzles with the introduction of Milk, their music streaming service just for Samsung users – which is US-only right now – and it looks like Samsung could be looking to monetize the service. Right now, Milk is free for Samsung owners and it doesn't come with ads, but if a piece from an infographic dug out by The Next Web is any indication, Milk might be going premium. An infographic about Milk Music has been published by Samsung on their Samsung Tomorrow site and it hints that coming soon, premium features will be hitting the service.


The section of the infographic which hints that a premium service is coming soon (pictured above) lists a price of $3.99 (which we're assuming is a monthly fee) and details "some exclusive features" that are coming soon as well as it being ad-free. We've no idea just what those exclusive features could be, but we're assuming maybe some exclusive content or extra features when listening to music inside the app. We're curious as to why Samsung wants to monetize Milk, as it always looked more like a way to get people to join the Galaxy side of things, than it was another way to bring in revenue. One reason Samsung might start charging is to help pay record labels to bring music to the service.

Ads might not hit you straight away however, as it seems that Samsung is going to retain the ad-free offer for new customers, which would make a lot of sense as nobody wants to pay for something without trying it. With Milk, and soon an exclusive Kindle store, Samsung is certainly putting the right pieces together to offer their customers pretty much all the content they could want, without having to go too far outside of Samsung's garden. Bringing these services together seems the next step for Samsung, as having different services all over the place doesn't give consumers a coherent experience, but that seems a way off for Samsung right now.

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