Samsung Taking a Leaf out of Nook's Book? Recent Patent Reveals Tablet with a Hole

Many of you will remember the Nook Color and Nook Tablets for their quirky designs which featured a sort of key loop in one of the corners. The idea that the designers behind the Nook had was that the key loop would help a little in carrying the device, but in reality it was nothing more than a little design quirk. Still, the Nook line lived on for quite some time and ended up being pretty popular before Android manufacturers started to take over manufacturing better displays and better hardware. However, it seems the Nook must have got at least one thing right, as Samsung seems to be taking inspiration from the Nook tablets with their latest design patent.

A recent patent filing unearthed from the US Patent Office shows the familiar Galaxy Tab design that Samsung has become known for with an interesting addition. In one of the bottom corners of the device lies a ringlet type hole, similar to that we used to see on Nook's tablets. The patent doesn't going into detail about why the ring is there, and it seems the hole is simply there for design purposes. Just what Samsung could be using this for in future tablets is a mystery to us, but we do have a few ideas.

Something like this would work well on a kids tablet that's a little smaller coming in at around 7-inches and could be part of a more colorful design language aimed at children. After all, the recent "kids" edition of tablets have simply been rebranded Galaxy Tabs with a little more color. Something like this would also work excellently in Korea and other Asian nations. Little phone charms you get from Gashapon machines in Asia are still very popular and as more and more people adopt tablets, being able to hang these little charms on your tablet would be nice. Instant messaging company LINE (popular in Japan and most of Asia) even sells charms themselves.

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