Samsung SM-GM906S Appears in GFXBench; Possible QHD Galaxy S5?



During the run up to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S5, the rumor mill went crazy about the possibility of the device featuring a QHD (or 2560 x 1440) display. Then the rumors turned to their being a variant of the device with such a display, and the ability to choose which you liked best. In the end, neither of those things came true and the Galaxy S5 that we saw take the stage during Mobile World Congress in February featured a 5.1-inch 1920 x 1080 Super AMOLED panel. Of course, with how dense displays are getting these days, 1080p is nothing to complain about.


Now however, a curious device has appeared in the halls of GFXBench with a model number of SM-G906S, which is obviously very close to the Galaxy S5's SM-G900, and while we can't take a look at the device's internals like its CPU and RAM, PhoneArena have discovered a very interesting detail, indeed. This mysterious device is listed with a QHD display at 2560 x 1440, while the size isn't listed we're going to assume something in the region of 5.2-inches or so here. The device outperformed similar Galaxy S5 model numbers in a couple of tests in GFXBench, which would obviously hint at something pretty powerful, perhaps a Snapdragon 805?

Right now, there isn't too much known about this device, but there's a possibility that this is either a Galaxy S5 variant, or the new Galaxy Note. We think it's a little too early for Samsung to be testing the Galaxy Note 4 like this, but the possibility of another Galaxy S5 isn't something we'd completely rule out. After all, the Galaxy S4 Advance was launched last year, and featured the much faster Snapdragon 800 CPU, so there's definitely precedent for this. It's possible that this is also a completely different device altogether, something that Samsung would be using to compete with the upcoming G3 from LG, which is said to feature such a display as well. The question is though, are these 2560 x 1440 displays really needed at this point?

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