Samsung is Seeing High Sales Numbers For The Galaxy S5 at Home

We are getting an early look at what Samsung sales will look at for the Galaxy S5. Though the results may be a bit biased since the numbers are only coming from the home of Samsung, South Korea. However, if these numbers are indicative of what we will see everywhere, Samsung will have nothing to worry about with the sales of the S5.

You may remember that in South Korea, the launch date of the S5 was moved up. This was due to some restrictions being placed on South Korea's carriers. The first carrier to launch the S5 was SK Telecom, who launched the device on March 27th. The other carriers, LG U+ and KT launched very soon after SK Telecom. Now, reports from South Korea are showing that over 7,000 S5 device have been sold every day since the initial launch of the S5. If this keeps up, that would make over 1 million devices sold in five months time.

Even better for Samsung, these numbers only represent South Korea, and are right up there with the sales of past Samsung devices. The Galaxy S4 sold around 8,000 devices a day, which was reported to be "remarkable" from those who pay close attention to the sales aspect of these devices. So even if the S5 is behind by about 1,000 devices a day in comparison to the S4, these numbers are still great. There is also an excuse to why the S5 is a bit behind the S4, that is the new regulations being held on South Korea's carriers.

Currently, only one carrier can sell new devices to anyone, and that is SK Telecom, the other two, LG U+ and KT are only allowed to sell to "users with handsets two years or older, or those who lost or misplaced their device." Which is part of the rules being set by Korean authorities. Again, these rules and numbers are coming from South Korea alone, we still don't know what pre-orders are looking like elsewhere.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is due to launch in the US on April 11th which is the same date in other markets as well. In the Us, the device will be available on all four major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Though for those numbers we will have to wait to find out if South Korea set the bar for S5 sales. We won't ask again if you are planning on buying the S5, instead, let's hear your thoughts on the numbers. Do you think the numbers in South Korea for S5 sales are what we will see elsewhere? Or do you think these numbers are solely due to a home field advantage? Let us know down there or on our G+ page.

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