Samsung Revamps SD Card Lineup With Standard, Evo and Pro Series; All Available on Amazon



As Android users, we all love SD cards, they're a great way to add extra storage to our devices and the fact that Google and many manufacturers have been moving away from them has irked us to say the least. That seems to be coming full circle however, as SD cards are becoming more and more popular again. Still, it's hard to figure out – unless you just really LOVE removable storage – which card is better than another. To solve that problem with their SD cards, Samsung has rebranded their entire lineup until three categories; standard, Evo and Pro. As you might imagine, the Pro cards are for those looking for the absolute best performance out there, but the Standard and Evo lines shouldn't be overlooked either.


Starting off with the standard SD cards on offer from Samsung, they come in 8, 16 and 32GB varieties in their MicroSD form. All standard cards feature write speeds up to 24mbps and are of the Class 6 variety. For most people, the Standard edition cards are going tobe more than good enough and considering that a 32GB card costs just $24.99 from Amazon, they're a good deal, too.

Moving up to the Evo line and things get a little more performance orientated, with each card featuring write speeds of up to 48mbps the Evo line are Class 10 cards with UHS-I Grade 1 certification to boot. Coming in 16, 32 and 64GB varieties these aren't a bad choice if you're going to use them in your digital camera as well as your tablet or smartphone, as an adapter is included as standard. Looking for more storage than the standard version? The 64GB version of the Evo line can be found on Amazon for $49.99

Rounding the new line of cards out is the Pro version, which comes in 16, 32 and 64GB versions and predictably are the fastest of the bunch. Retaining the Class 10 certification, these guys will sport up to 90mbps transfer speeds, but to achieve that sort of performance you're looking at a fairly new smartphone and you might not need all that speed. Despite their enthusiast appeal, a 32GB Pro card can be had for $39.99 from Amazon, but they won't be shipping until the end of the month.


It is a shame that there's no 128GB option here, but considering these are from a reputable make – and they're all MLC designed cards – the pricing here isn't too bad at all. If anyone's tried to buy a Samsung SD card before, they'll know how difficult it can be to choose the right one. Here though, you can simply get the Standard if you want more space, the Evo if you want a little more performance to go with it and then pick up a Pro card if you have serious stuff to do. Simple.

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