Samsung Registers Gear Clock Trademark, Redundancy Department Calls Foul


In the ever running case of trying to find the "Next Big Thing," Samsung continues to patent and trademark some crazy ideas and names.  This latest trademark comes in the form of what seems to be another Gear smartwatch, but upon closer inspection it might not be that obvious.  "Gear Clock" was trademarked by Samsung recently, and it raises a number of questions as to just what a "Gear Clock" could possibly be.  As many of you might be aware Samsung just launched it's second generation smartwatch lineup, the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, just last week alongside the Galaxy S5.  This was a pretty quick turnaround from the first generation Galaxy Gear, which was launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3 just last September, and makes one wonder how often Samsung plans to churn these smartwatches out.

Google's recent announcement of Android Wear, a custom Android platform built just for wearable devices like smartwatches, has surprised many people as they now want something they didn't think they cared about before.  Samsung was announced as one of the Android Wear partners, and considering the Gear lineup of smartwatches moved from Android to Tizen with the newest entries, one wonders if Samsung will keep the Gear name when they release their first Android Wear smartwatch.  Better yet this trademark actually is listed under a number of categories including smartwatch, phone, MP3 player, etc., which again brings us to wonder just what in the world this device could be.  Samsung, like many other tech companies out there, is known for trademarking and patenting ideas and names that are never used in production devices, either because they are protecting a smaller idea for future products or just protecting the name of a lineup of products from clones and other similar devices on the market.


We've seen rumors recently that a new smartwatch will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 when it debuts later this Summer and into early Fall.  Whether or not this watch will run on Tizen or Android Wear is anyone's best guess, but if the Gear 2 doesn't sell the way Samsung wants it to expect them to consider a change in course after 2 rounds of Samsung-exclusive smartwatches.   As you may know the Gear lineup is restricted to only Samsung devices and won't work with any other Android-powered devices, whereas Android Wear will work with any Android phone running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and up.  Gear Clock isn't exactly a catchy name, and it sort of flies in the face of the rest of the series which so far has just been smartwatches, so is Samsung planning on making a smart clock for your wall a la something like Nest?  We'll keep on top of this one if for no other reason than it's terribly interesting to see what comes of the name.

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