Samsung Mocking the iPad and Amazon's Kindle (Again) With Galaxy Tab Pro Ads

Tech companies mocking each other's products is as inevitable as the world turning. Samsung has been known to mock Apple products in their ads, and they're at it again. They've released four new ads for their Galaxy Pro tablets. Each ad flaunts a feature of the Galaxy Pro line in front of someone using a different device. Three of them go after iPads while one is focused on the Kindle.

The first ad, "Multi User", is pretty self explanatory. A man using an iPad can't find a chart because his child moved it, and his counterpart responds with a question about having separate accounts. It goes on to show the man using the Galaxy Pro tablet showing the different accounts on the lock screen and switching to another.

The second ad focuses on display using the numbers game. "Pixel Density" shows two women lounging outside on their tablets. The one who has an iPad asks the other about her Galaxy Pro's number of pixels. She then says, "Well mine's got the Retina thingy."

Samsung takes a break on Apple-shaming in the third ad. Instead, "Book Club" takes on, you guessed it, the Kindle. Though its main focus is to solidify the idea that Kindles are meant for reading, it also shows off Multi Window. Women are using their tables at a book club, and when they don't understand what's going on in the book, one of them goes to pull up YouTube. The women with the Kindle is surprised that can be done and says her Kindle is for reading.

"Two Things at Once" rounds out the bunch with another attack on the iPad. Two men, one with an iPad and one with a Galaxy Note Pro, are video conferencing for work. The man with the iPad is asked to do something, but can't because he can only do one thing at a time. The man with the Galaxy Note Pro saves the day as he pulls up the information on one side of his screen with the video still streaming on the other.

With Samsung and Apple in court again over patent infringement, these ads are just fueling the fire. All four are below for your viewing pleasure.

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