Samsung Launching New Premium LEVEL Headset Lineup Soon To Compete With Beats


When you get a new phone there's usually only a handful of things inside the box.  Charger, USB cable and headphones are among the usual suspects, but what if you want better quality sound than what those headphones or those Boom Sound speakers can deliver?  Right now in society many people have treated Beats headphones as the de facto standard, but Samsung wants to change that with its new LEVEL lineup of premium headphones.  Not only that but Samsung is trying to challenge all the different styles available out there with their own, giving a unique spin on what's already a pretty saturated market segment.

First up is the LEVELin series, which are inner-ear earbud style headphones.  These aren't just regular earbuds though, as they feature a premium metallic finish and include a handy little remote control on the wire for music control.  The twist here is that it includes an S-Voice button for those using Samsung phones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above.  This gives a handy little shortcut for those looking to use their phone hands-free and are OK with Samsung's S-Voice command center.  LEVELin headphones will retail for $149.


LEVELon is the second level in audio quality offered by Samsung, and they come on the form of on-ear over-the-head style headphones that will more closely resemble the standard Beats headphones than other models.  These speakers are 40mm and therefore offer higher quality sound than the earbuds can, and they also feature NFC connectivity and the same music control remote with S-Voice button.  LEVELon will retail for $199.

LEVELover are the most expensive of the bunch and promise to deliver ear-shattering quality sound with the 50mm speakers included, and fit snuggly over your ear for an air-tight listening experience.  The bonus here is that it not only features a Smart Touch feature on the side of the ear for the same music control and S-Voice support as the other headphones, but that they are also wireless.  Being wireless the headphones support Bluetooth, aptX and NFC to easily pair with your smartphone.  All of these headsets include noise cancellation features for quality calls and S-Voice interaction, as well as protective cases when they aren't being worn around your cranium.  They also come in white or black colors to suit your tastes.  At this point there's no set release date other than "soon," so if you're in the market for headphones right now these won't be the thing for you just yet.

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