Samsung to Give Indian Customers 15% Cashbank on Galaxy S5 at Launch


Samsung's Galaxy S5 is just days away from launching all over the world on April 11th, but that doesn't mean Samsung doesn't have time to entice a few stragglers left to pre-order the device. Perhaps due to the recent news that Sony is doing quite well in India, Samsung is looking to entice Indian customers with cashback. The offer is only available at launch however, and will only be available until the 13th of April, or until stocks run dry, whichever come first. It's an interesting move by Samsung, but it's not going to be available to everyone.

For one thing, the offer is only open for a few days, and it only applies to those using their Citibank credit card, which means you'll need to have the asking price for the Galaxy S5 free on your balance. With the Galaxy S5 costing RS 51,000 in India, you're going to need a freed up credit card to enjoy this offer, but you do get 15% cashback, which is RS 7,650 of the overall price of Samsung's smartphone. While certainly not an offer to overlook, it's one worth reading the fine print to see just how worth it is to you. Most of the time, offers like this in India require some sort of credit card to be used, which could end up causing you more headaches down the line.


As well as the Galaxy S5, the Gear 2 lineup of devices are also available to pre-book from Samsung's India store online, which will be news to those looking for their next smarwatch. However, there's a good chance Samsung fans in the region will have already snapped up last year's Galaxy Gear when it was heavily reduced running up to the Mobile World Congress debut of the Tizen-powered Gear 2 family. Let us know in the comments below if this is an offer you would consider taking Samsung up on, or is it just too limited to be that enticing?

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