Samsung Gifts Make The Galaxy S5 A Sweeter Deal

So you've got your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 and you're wondering what you should do with it first. While the answer to that question will be different for many of you, we'd personally suggest setting up all your Samsung gifts. What are Samsung Gifts? Well we touched on them yesterday but just to recap Samsung Gifts are the free apps and services bundled in with your purchase of the Galaxy S5. Samsung has been bundling in free use of at least one app since the release of the Galaxy S3 when they threw in 2 free years of 50 extra GB of Dropbox storage. This year they're bringing out the big guns and giving away all kinds of free stuff through the Samsung Gifts bundles.

If you bought the Galaxy S 5, then all you have to do to go and grab all your free apps is find the Samsung apps icon either somewhere on your homescreen or in the app drawer, and tap on that to get inside to all of the Samsung related apps. From there you should see  Samsung Gifts which when tapped will take you the listing of all the free included apps and services that Samsung is giving away. 50GB of Dropbox storage is there of course, and you may remember my short little rant about Endomondo Pro from yesterday. Yep, Samsung is big on health this year, which is why they're throwing in a 1-year membership to the Endomondo community, along with things like free in game credits for Cut the Rope 2($15), three months of cloud storage with Evernote Premium, and one year of access to Bloomberg Businessweek, among many other offerings.

Not every app or gift will be for everyone, but we think there's enough of a selection in there to cater to just about everyone for at least something. It should be noted that you do have to set up a Samsung account, which you'll be prompted to do the moment you enter the Samsung Gifts app. This shouldn't be a problem for many of you, but for those that aren't fond of the idea we'd say it's a small price to pay for all the free goodies that come afterwards.

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