Samsung Galaxy S5 Packaging Comes Complete With Region lock Explanation Sticker


Unlocked devices are something you would expect to be completely unlocked from the time of purchase. However that seems to not have been the case with one of Samsung's previous devices-the Galaxy Note 3- and now the Galaxy S5 as well. The breakdown is that Samsung has basically region locked the European version of those devices, which of course caused a lot of people to be quite upset when learning this, and rightfully so as they thought they were getting something entirely different than they actually did. The full story though is that the region lock is only temporary and would be disabled if a customer had first used the device with a SIM card from the region where they bought the device. The main issue last time around was that people were unaware of the region lock as it seems that it wasn't clearly explained.

Samsung wants to avoid any sort of negativity surrounding the issue with the Galaxy S5 if they can, which is why they have attempted to halt any sort of backlash ahead of time by branding the Galaxy S5's packaging with a sticker that fully explains the details of the region lock for the Galaxy S5. The full message on the sticker states that the product should be activated with a SIM card from a mobile operator within Europe, and that to make any calls from regions outside of Europe, a call that lasts at least five minutes would have to be placed while using a SIM card from said European operators.

While some people may still not like that Samsung has region locked the device at all, at least they're properly explaining how to get rid of the lock. If you're someone who lives in a European region and has purchased or will be purchasing a Galaxy S5 Unlocked model, it seems all you have to do is go and put at least five minutes of time on a SIM card from any mobile operator, insert it into the phone, and make a call to use up the five minutes of time. At that point you're phone is unlocked completely and can be used outside of Europe as much as you like.

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