Samsung Damages Expert Declares $2.2 Billion Unfair, States $38.4 Million Is All Apple Should Get

The Apple vs Samsung Patent case is raging forward like a river of untamed waters, with both companies finally having their expert witnesses take the stand to testify on their behalf. Apple is asking that Samsung pay over $2 billion in damages for the infringement of patents regarding particular features in Apple's iOS platform. Samsung of course denies infringing on such patents, but has stated previously that they thought just over $6 million was more of a fair price to pay compared to what Apple was demanding. While Apple themselves had their damages expert take the stand who was reportedly paid just over $2.3 million for his work towards this case over the last few years, Samsung's own damages expert also took the stand recently to testify that Apple is requesting an unrealistic figure for the payment of copyright infringement.

According to Samsung's damages expert Judith Chevalier, in the event that Samsung actually infringed on Apple's patents, she was able to determine that a fair dollar amount to be paid out for royalties to Apple by Samsung should exceed no more than $38.4 million USD. She came to the conclusion during her analysis of the patents Apple is claiming that Samsung has infringed upon, and has stated that Apple should only be entitled to around 35 cents per patent per device that was sold by Samsung, which was around 37 million units. Factoring in the the rivalry between both companies, $38.4 million is the ending figure.

Thirty five cents may seem like a small amount, but only if you pay attention tot hat small number instead of looking at the total ending lump sum cost. Apple thought a more fair price for the cost of using their patents on a per device basis was about $40, which is what got them to the amount of just over $2 billion. While Apple is claiming that the $2.191 billion amount is a fair price to pay for Samsung's alleged thievery, experts on the matter have stated the amount to be highly inflated and nowhere close to the actual amount due. This case is still ongoing and while it's mainly in regards to the infringement that is said to be committed by Samsung, Samsung has begun their counter-suit against Apple for infringing on two of their patents.

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