Samsung, Apple, Huawei and LG all Lose Market Share as Lenovo Increases


IDC has released their numbers for Q1 2014, as far as smartphone shipments go, and marketshare. What's interesting is that the top 5 OEMs have all increased the amount of smartphones they sold in Q1 2014 compared to the same period last year. But in the same token, they have all lost market share except for Lenovo. Looking at the table at the bottom of this post, you'll see that Samsung shipped 85 million smartphones in Q1 2014, vs 69.7 million in Q1 2013. However their marketshare dropped from 31.9% to 30.2%. Why? Simply because more overall smartphones were shipped. Q1 2013 we saw about 218 million shipped, vs 281 million shipped in Q1 2014. What's also interesting is that Lenovo had the biggest increase. Moving their marketshare up a full percentage point, also their year-over-year change was 63.3%, which is pretty high, and the highest out of the top 5 largest manufacturers. Surprisingly, LG actually saw the smallest change out of these OEMs, with the exception of Apple. Which their earnings report yesterday pointed a different story.

These numbers are always interesting, especially when we see that everyone's marketshare dropped, except for one OEM. But as we can see, Samsung is still number one, above Apple even. Apple's numbers are still pretty amazing considering the amount of phones they put out every year compared to these other manufacturers on this list. HTC, Motorola and the rest of our favorite manufacturers are all listed in "Other" which also saw a sizeable increase year-over-year.


The reason why we are referring to Lenovo so much, is that this increase took place with a manufacturer that only sells smartphones in a few countries, mostly Asia. While most of these others are everywhere, especially Samsung, Apple, and LG. That and Lenovo is in the process of buying Motorola. Which is looking like a good thing for good ol' Moto. How many of you are surprised by these numbers?


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