Sales Projections Show 3-5 Million HTC One M8's to be Sold in Q2


Do you have a favorite restaurant, one that you love so much mostly because no one else knows how great they are? Being that they are not well-known means you will always get a table. The chef brings you fantastic food, and you almost know him-or her-on a first name basis. It's like they are family and you are home. Well that is how some people see HTC. We are already getting projected Quarter 2 numbers, that will reflect how many people feel that way about HTC.

The HTC One M8 has already been very well received by the tech community. Though it was bumpy at first with the camera situation. Still, after people got their hands on this device, the praise has reached HTC's Goal. Giving credence to the new slogan, "Ask the internet." Though the tech world has well received the M8, HTC still has the common consumer to educate.

The education of the common consumer is the hardest aspect of marketing. Showing that your device is well-built in many and almost all aspects. This is a problem that many have seen, and Samsung and Apple had figured out a long time ago. This is why HTC will have a very hard time marketing any device they launch. They need to show why their device is worth a look, and hope that the distraction will be enough to pull consumers away from Samsung. However the projected numbers for Quarter 2 suggest that HTC hasn't achieved that goal just yet.

Since the HTC One M8 launched in March, Q2 will be the first full quarter to represent the sales of the device. According to a Digitimes report, HTC will sell roughly 3-5 million units. This number is not quite what someone would hope for HTC, since Apple sees numbers nearly double that in one weekend. Samsung sees similar to that in a month, so why should HTC be happy with numbers like this?

Let's get back into our favorite restaurant, as we see what HTC USA President, Jason Mackenzie has to say. "The beauty for HTC and for our customers is we're not trying to be Toyota or GM and build these things for super mass production," Mackenzie continued, "Our objective is not to sell the most phones, but to build the best phones and build a strong loyal base." It seems as though these numbers are just fine to keep HTC afloat. Ultimately any business has the goal of being the best at what they do, and HTC has proven that they know how to design a device. Hopefully they-at the very least-make enough profit to stay in business and thrive. Like your favorite restaurant. Ask the chef, "why do you not worry about being busy all the time?" Surely he-or she- would respond, "we do it for the love of making quality food, for quality people." This is the route HTC is taking, and some are just fine with that. Who needs 1000's of friends when you could have just a few best friends? At least, hopefully this business plan works out for HTC. In the mean time, we are still loving what we see from them.

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